Monday, March 8, 2010

Lights Camera Action

So last post I told you about a time when, let’s just say I couldn’t rise up to the occasion. So to redeem myself, and my manhood, I’ll tell you about a story with an opposite outcome. One in which the true Tyson got to show his stuff. This took place a little more than a year after the previous post. If you’re new to this blog, I have to inform you that I don’t necessarily recount stories in a straight chronological narrative.  My simple method is to write about whatever I’m interested in that day, because not doing so would feel like homework, and that’s the last thing I want to do. Basically I open up my folder filled with pics of various adventures and think “hmm which one would I like to write about today.” That’s it. It may not be the most effective way to write, or the easiest to follow, but I would lose interest doing it any other way. Maybe one day I’ll archive everything into nicely packed chapters Ashley and Me style but for now this will have to do.

To catch up new readers let me give a brief overview of us. We’re a young couple in our early 20’s that has been in this lifestyle for close to two years now. The first time we met we had an alcohol induced threesome with my roommate. Afterward Scarlett went back to her side of the country to finish college. We kept in touch through online social networks and got to know each other through a long distance courtship.  During this period she would fly to visit me every few months. Soon after we decided to include others in our sex life, which was relatively easy considering how we met. Fast forward three years and we’re now planning to move in together and to take things further. This blog is me recollecting different events during that period as well as whatever current ones may occur.

Alright, enough prefacing let’s get to the real story. This one occurred during our long distance portion of the relationship. When apart we have no problem playing separately. The usual format is that one of us will meet someone we’re interested in, tell the other, proceed with the hookup, and afterwards share pics and details of the affair. This particular time however it worked out differently with a curvy sexy scientist that I’ll call Jamie.
I found Jamie through lifestylelounge. She was having a swinger part, liked my pic and asked if I would be interested in coming. The party itself was both fun and weird but I’ll write about that later. See I told you I don’t go in any order. Anyway, the week after the party I contacted Jamie and ask her if she would be interested in getting together while Scarlett watches us via webcam. She was ecstatic about this idea because as it turned out Jamie herself was in a relationship and only listed herself single on her swinger profile because her bf was away for a few months. So we decided that we’d set up a web cam channel through yahoo and both our partners could watch and listen to the action live. 

I was pretty excited about this arrangement and was looking forward to it. Jamie is relatively tall at 5’9 or so. She’s voluptuous with ample breast and butt that’s hardly hidden when she has on her sexy dresses. What’s even more appealing is that she’s a very intelligent chemist who works at a university lab performing test that frankly I couldn’t comprehend when she tried explaining them to me. I made it through that conversation with the tried and true smile and nod method and the occasionally mutterings of “wow” “you don’t say” “interesting.”

Arranging our webcam show was pretty difficult as her bf and Scarlett were in different time zones from both each other and us. We finally found a suitable time that would work for all parties on a Thursday at 5:30 pm. By chance Jamie only live ten minute walk away from me so after work I showered, grabbed my laptop and made my way to her place. I enjoyed checking her backside when she opened the door and let me in her apartment. She was wearing a tight dress that hugged her hips and pushed her breast upward forming an enticing cleavage. There wasn’t any awkwardness as we sat and talk. We had already fucked before at her previous party plus I genuinely enjoy conversing with her.  As I’ve mentioned I do enjoy the company women who can hold a conversation, even if that conversation is over my head.

After some small talk we decided to get down to business and I set up my laptop on one side of her bed while she placed hers on the other, given our viewers multiple angles of the action. Then we started making out as my hand slowly roamed her body.  Being an ass man I took great pleasure in grabbing handfuls of butt, spreading them apart and smacking them. Jamie is not submissive in the BDSM sense but she does enjoy a man that can take control and use her, which I don’t mind doing at all. Once things got hot and heavy I took off my pants and laid in bed as she started sucking my now hard rock cock. Knowing her preference for rough sex I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her down my cock as she gags and gasp for air.  Her eyes watered and she coughed wads of spit that she used to stroke me when I would release her head. At that point I pulled down her top, releasing her big natural breast from their constraints, and hiked up the hem of her dress so that I could play with her pussy as she continued to suck me. I enjoyed the feeling of her big breast hitting my balls and pelvis as they swayed from her bobbing her head. I ordered her to lick my ass.  Without hesitation she obliged and scooted down to give my ass a tongue bath as she kept stroking me. I felt myself about to cum so I took my dick from her hand told her to put her lips around the head as I pumped myself into an orgasm, releasing a hot stream of cum right into her mouth that she swallowed without complaint.  

We took a break and went to our respective laptops to chat with our partners. They were enjoying the show. Her bf called her and requested that she keep holds the phone so that he can hear the action more clearly.  As they say in show business the show must go on, so after the brief interlude I laid her on the bed and made my way to her pussy. As I ate her she held the phone and described to her bf what I was doing to her. Well at least she did as best as she could between her moaning and heavy breathing. The “conversation” went something like “he’s licking my clit right now…hmmm….feels good..yea…now he has a finger in my pussy….hmmm….ooh…yeah…OH, he now has a finger in my ass also….Oh yes….dont stop….yes baby….i’m close……yes…yeah…ooohh…AHHHHH.” As she regrouped from her orgasm I gave her sometime to talk to her bf while I put a condom on. I was mindful that I had an audience so I made sure to make the sex a performance. Since we’re making porn it’s only right to fuck her like a pornstar right?
I had Jamie in various positions, fucking her hard at every angle. I pulled her hair, smacked her ass, fucked her in the ass, and so on. Due to the time difference Scarlett was getting tired and sleepy. Plus we had been fucking for about an hour and no matter how hot the action is, watching somebody fuck for that long eventually gets boring. So to wrap things up I took off the condom and had Jamie suck me in the 69 position as I released another load in her mouth.

It was a pretty cool and unique experience for everybody involved. They got to watch their own private porno and we got on to put on a show. Definitely a memorable adventure. 

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Our First Swinger Event Part 2

So we’re sitting and chatting with the other young interracial couple (let’s call them Ice T & Coco). Ice T is a very down to earth guy pleasant guy. Coco is a little standoff ish, which I attribute to her look and the fact that being a stripper she probably has to deal with a lot of weirdo’s hitting on her. Nonetheless she was cordial to us and the four of us made light conversations. As the night winded down and the play rooms cleared we mutually expressed feelings of taking things further. By this point I was tipsy, not fall down drunk but pass buzz, so I’ll try to recollect things as best as possible.

I’m not entirely sure how but I ended up in one room alone with Coco, and Ice T in another with Scarlett. I was somewhat nervous, this being my first time in a situation like this. Nonetheless we began making out and fell to the bed together. I remember constantly asking her if she’s comfortable and if she’s Ok since earlier the swinger vets were giving us advice on making sure everything was consensual. Thinking back I’m palming my face in embarrassment for taking that advice so literally. Imagine me asking permission for each little step I took.  For example “Is it okay if I take off your bra,” “Do you mind if I kiss your nipples” and so on and so on. How erotic huh? Not quite. Anyway despite my best effort of killing the mood the touching and kissing progressed.

We both got naked and I spread her legs and buried my face in her crotch. She was waxed and had two stars tattooed on her cervix which I found very sexy. She moaned slightly and after a few minutes nudged me up, indicating that she was ready for the full action. There was just one problem however, I wasn’t hard. The combination of the liquor and jitters had my little man placid. This was the first time this has ever happened to me and I panicked, which only exasperate the situation as you need to be relaxed for an erection. So I tried to be slick and returned to eating her out. She seemed like she enjoyed it but again she nudged me up and started grinding her hip, a clear indication that she’s ready to be fucked. Unfortunately it was still a no go. So I got off her and took my time going to the condoms, hoping that in meantime that I can get Ty Jr up and ready by the time I got to bed. As I walked to the condoms I was stroking my dick feverously, cursing it under my breath for being unresponsive at this critical moment.

Condom in hand I made my way back to her, laid on top of her, and try to put the condom on. Putting a condom on a soft dick is no easy task and after some fail attempt I managed to do so. By this time I’m assuming that she noticed something must be wrong but I try to masked it by kissing her as I stroke myself some more. Finally she said “I’m glad you keep checking to make sure I’m okay but right now I just want you to fuck me hard.”  So this was it, no more stalling or delays, it was the moment of truth. I thought back to every favorite porn scene and manage to work myself to a half mass. But when I went to put it in, the wind died and so did my sail. At this point I was completely embarrassed and after some more fail attempts it was apparent that it just wasn’t going to be my night. Sometime after Jackie knocked on the door to tell us the party was over.

Ice T and Scarlett had not come out of their room yet and I had to wait for a few minutes with a sexually frustrated Coco as Ice T finish pounding my girl. Talk about feeling emasculated. When all was said and done we exchanged pleasantries and numbers and went our separate ways.

Despite the embarrassment of coming up short with coco a lot of positives came out at the party. That being our first event it introduced us to the lifestyle.  Also some of the experienced couples referred us to which we later joined and were able to have more adventures.

We did in fact run into Ice T and Coco at an event about a year later. Ice T really liked the experience with Scarlett since she loves anal while Coco does not. He would write us occasionally but it was clear that Coco was not interested in a do-over so Scarlett and I never took him up on the offer.

So that was our introduction to the swinging world. It’s embarrassing, but hey what’s the point of writing a blog if I don’t honestly recount both the good and bad. The softie situation happened one other time about a year later which I’m sure I will also share with you.

BTW any comments, questions, don’t hesitate to write. 

Monday, March 1, 2010

My Fave Pic

This is my fave pic of the ms. It was taken at the same NYE club event that I wrote about in a previous post. The lady in the red hair is named kitty and she is very opened about her involvement in the lifestyle and in fact has her own website where she arranges parties and sells toys. She was the one who introduced us to mr big as they are good friends. We've hung out with Kitty once or twice but have never gone further than kisses. There's no big story behind this post, I just wanted to share a pic that I enjoy. In the following post I'll pick up the narrative of our first swinger party.