Sunday, April 11, 2010

Swinging Solo

Last winter I got an email from a couple that said hi and included their YIM if I was interested. After checking out the pics of the Mrs. I certainly was. She was attractive, fit, with a short hairstyle that worked very well with her face structures. She also had a lower back tattoo, the infamous “tramp stamp,” that I still find erotic despite their much maligned popularity. They were a successful couple in their late 30’s.

I logged online and chatted with “Halle” for an hour or so and she invited me to stay with them for the night. I jumped at the opportunity and before I knew it I was on the train in route for another adventure.  When I got to their place Halle was getting ready as John and I made small talk. I was instantly comfortable with both of them and once dressed up we went out to a local strip club.

The strip club was a small operation without too much glitz or glamour and the strippers were, to put it nicely, homely. Nonetheless I had a blast as the three of us got lap dances and stuff dollars in g-stings.  At one point as we watched the performance Halle began rubbing the inside of my thighs. I responded by returning the favor, and John followed suit by rubbing her other thigh. The dual massage caused her to squirm on her chair and she turned to me and gave me a passionate kiss. The heavy petting and kisses continued till the sexual tension was too much and we agreed to leave.

As John drove Halle and I continued getting frisky in the back seat. It wasn’t long before she unzipped my pants and began to suck my then rock hard bbc. The bj was great and I had to pull her off to avoid cumming. I then took off my pants and put a condom on as she straddled me. We fucked for a couple minutes this way but it wasn’t very practical as she kept hitting her head on the roof. So I turned her around and layed her on the seat and mounted her. John was enjoying the show, commenting how hard it was to keep driving as this was going on. He would steal glances from the rearview mirror, and blindly take some pictures. It’s a small miracle we did not crash.

Once back at their place we went to the kitchen for some drinks and quickly continued our action.  As Halle was bending to get items from the fridge, I kneeled behind her, spread her cheeks and and tounged her perky butt. I’ve never been into ‘salad tossing” but she looked appetizing bent as she did so I went for it. Then I fucked her doggystyle as she held on to the counter.

We took the action to the bedroom where I got to experience a sex swing for the first time. I have to say that it was a fun piece of equipment. Halle is a tiny woman, at 5’1 100lbs soaking wet so tossing her around on the swing was effortless. John participated on the action somewhat but mostly kept to documenting the encounter by taking pics and video.

Halle and I fucked for about two hours and I could sensed that she was tiring but I was having a problem getting myself to cum. Finally I took the condom off and she sucked me while in the 69 positon and I was able to release a massive built-up orgasm. That was one of my favorite hookups with a couple.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Random pics of Scarlett 2

I haven't updated this blog for a couple weeks because, well, I've just been lazy. I will be recounting some more sexy tales later this week. In the meantime enjoy some pic of the mrs. I enjoy showing her off and when we go out I like catching glances of others checking her out. I'm an ass man and most pics I take of her shows that :) . Hope you like, story updates coming soon.