Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Hey all, just wetting my feet and slowly get back to this after a long hiatus. Enjoy this teaser pic from a swinger cruise last year

Saturday, May 5, 2012


As my swinger profile indicates I have a penchant for mature women in the
lifestyle, ideally 40+. Because of this, full swapping with a couple
when I’m with my gf has always been rare because she’s rarely
attracted to the guys in that age group. So most of our dual
experiences have been with sf and sm so that we can both enjoy our
preference. She often jokes that at least she knows that I wont leave
her for a younger women when we're older :).

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sushi Couple Pt. 2

Only took one year to finish this story lol. I'm back, I think. Alright lets gets to it. Since it has been so long memory of this meeting is a little sketchy so I'll just do my best.

Unbeknownst to the neighbor Mike and Anna had a young visitor in the hot tub naked with them. Fortunately the hot tub was built with curtains for this sort of occasion. I could see the outline of the neighbor through the drapes as she made small talk with Anna. The husband lifted his finger to his lip for that international signal of silence. When the neighbor left and the coast was clear we put on our robes on and went back inside, where Mike had already set a mattress in the living room.

To be quite honest I can't recall the complete sequence of actions, suffice to say we covered all bases from doggy to 69, missionary, and beyond. What I do remember is that Anna had one of the nicest butt around, i remember thinking that I am definitely a luck guy. Anna apparently  had a thing for black men and Mike was more than happy to oblige. I remember playing mind tricks so that I would not cum quickly but that later backfired because when she got tired and was ready for me to do so I could not bring it back up. Fortunately she was more than willing to help and asked me what could she do. What always works for me in that situation is me on my back, the lady on her knees licking my nipples as I stroke my shaft with one hand and stroll her body with the other. Her only request was that I not cum in her mouth and being the gentleman that I am (ha) I came on her chest.

We said our goodbyes and promised to do a sequel. That never did happen, occasionally we'll catch up via email but no part 2. Hopefully this summer.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sushi Couple pt 1

So It's obvious it's been a looooong time since I last posted and actually took down the site for awhile. Why? simple I was bored with it and as I've always mention I do this for fun. When it stops being so I pause, when I miss it, like now, I come back. Fair enough? Alright let's get back into retelling some juicy stories. This is a solo meeting that occurred about  a month ago.

I've known "Michael and Anna" from previous lifestyle events but schedule differences had prevented us from ever meeting privately. Both Michael and Anna work in law enforcement so there's not much I can tell you about them. I will say that Anna has the sort of curve and thickness that I enjoy. She's also very cute with an adorable smile, and rather short, which accentuates that cute appeal.

We agreed to meet at a local BYOB sushi restaurant. This was actually my first time trying real sushi aside from the typical grocery store tuna roll. The food was great, the conversation flowed naturally, and the hot saki and wine that we brought got us all in a pleasant mood. Once dinner was over Anna asked if I would like to come back with them, which I happily obliged. Fortunately they lived a five min walk away from the restaurant, which I'm sure played into their meeting location suggestion. And as you read they're no stranger to this lifestyle and seem to have their routine down pack.

Back at their place Anna sat close to me while running her hands on my thighs as the three of us talk about mundane things. When meeting a couple solo I prefer to let the wife take things at her own speed so I generally let her make the first move.  Anna did that first move when she got up and asked if I would like to check out their outdoor jacuzzi, which of course I did. Mike got us some robes and we removed our clothes and put them on. By then I was already erect from Anna's thigh rubs and she smiled at the protruding shaft in my robe. We walked to their backyard and into the jacuzzi that was enclosed with drapes for privacy from the neighbors.

Once in the tub Mike remarked that Anna's favorite foreplay is a shoulder rub so I pulled her close to me and  rubbed her shoulders while Mike massages her feet. She purred like a pampered kitten while teasingly stroking my dick. And so we were in the hot tub, with Anna on my lap and my hands all over her while she plays with me as her husband massage her feet, when suddenly we were interrupted by a neighbor...

to be continued...

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hotel Fun

I hadn't written anything in awhile. I guess after losing my pics and stories from when my laptop got stolen I just wasn't that in the mood to retype and edit everything. But I'll try to post a little more now.

This particular event was with Seal & Heidi from the IR Orgy story. They were in town and staying at a hotel downtown and invited us over. If you recall Heidi is a relatively older sexy wf, and Seal is a muscularly build black male. The four of us have great chemistry in that we get along and really enjoy each other's company.

There wasn't anything particularly kinky or out of the norm during this session so I won't type the details. We swapped partners and the girls played with each other and ended the session by going back to our own partners.  Afterward we talked and went out to eat. Overall it was a very good time.

(click to enlarge)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


New comp, New stories to tell. Stay tuned

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Summer Fun

Pics from some recent fun with Scarlett. I came home from work and she surprised me with this hot lil outfit on consisting of a corset, thong, and nylons. It definitely got my attention and wasn't long until the action started. Unfortunately the temperature was so hot that it just killed the mood. Despite our best effort to keep going, the discomfort from the heat was too much nonetheless. Nonetheless it did make for some great pics of which I hope you enjoy.