Thursday, February 25, 2010

Daddy's Lil Slut Scarlett

In addition to swinging we have been experiencing with Dom/Sub play. It's something we're proceeding with slowly that she really enjoys. Scarlett is submissive by nature and likes being dominated and control. Recently we were chatting online and I got her turned on but instructed not to touch herself till the next day at work. That only turned her on more and unbeknown  to me she worked herself to an orgasm soon after. Afterward she felt bad about being disobedient and  confessed to being a "bad slut." So I told her that she was forbidden  to touch herself till I tell her and to write her apology on her pussy. For a couple days she plead and begged for me to relent as her pussy throbbed from the mounting sexual pressure. It took her a lot of self control and it got to the point where it was all that she can think about. Finally, about 5 days later, i relented and gave her permission and she massaged herself to a memorable orgasm as she released the built-up tension.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Our First Swinger Event Part 1

When we first started in the lifestyle like many couples, we were just looking for a female to join for a mff threesome. We posted some ads on Craiglist and all we got were spam and fakes. Finally this married lady “Jackie” sent us an email telling us that we’re wasting our time because all we will get are fake responses. She suggested that we attend a no pressure swinging event that she’s having at her house in the suburbs. Now we had no intentions of going to a swinger event as we didn’t classify ourselves as swingers. In our minds when we think of swingers we thought of old sagging retired couples in Florida. We were certain that there would not be anyone there that we’re interested in. Jackie was very reassuring and pointed out that we had nothing to lose since theres no expectations at her parties.

So the day came and we found ourselves making our way to the event. I was pretty horny, not because of the upcoming event, but because Scarlett looked so sexy that day. She was wearing a gorgeous dress that hugged her curves perfectly, loop earrings, and gold high heels. She looked so good that as we were getting ready I bent her over and had a quickie with her before we left. As we walked some cars honked and one with a group of girls actually stopped to compliment her on the dress. She was brimming after that. The bus ride to the suburbs was pretty long (we don’t have a car). At one point we were the only ones on the bus left and I spread her legs and played with her pussy with my fingers. She told me later that she caught the bus driver stealing glances and that she enjoyed it. We finally made it to Jackie’s. When she opened the door she exclaimed how beautiful we looked as a couple. Inside, if I’m remembering correctly, there was only one other couple there so far, they were a friend of Jackie and her husband. 

Describing Jackie could be a whole other post in itself. She’s an interesting combination of warmth and intensity. She knows what she wants and is very to the point. She was in a lesbian relationship for 7 years. When that relationship ended she put an ad looking for a man who can match her sexual drive to come and fuck her and ended marrying the guy soon after. She rarely participates in any play but instead gets her joy from watching her husband with other women. So she does all the posting ads and weeding out ppl to find her husband a match, which is interesting considering that it’s usually the other way around. I would describe their sexual relationship as almost a reverse cuckold in that she absolutely worships her husband. Jackie herself is by any measure attractive, though not my type. She’s very well built and has veins visible throughout her body. 

We chatted a little as more couples showed up. Unfortunately the more couples that showed up the more disappointing it got. There was nothing wrong with them but they just weren’t our type. Either way I dind’t mind too much because I was enjoying socializing, but I can tell Scarlett was bummed out. She did perc up a little when she saw this very attractive white female and her Hispanic husband. Lucy had the classic American pin-up look. She’s tall, statuesque, and oozes sex appeal. She and Scarlett made eye contact and sort of flirted but nothing materialized as she ended up going upstairs with Jackie’s husband. Other than Jackie’s husband there was not a lot of action going on. We all mostly talked, drink, and ate snacks. I was beginning to lose my nervousness as the alcohol started to take effect ( a descision I would come to regret later on, stay tuned). Even though none of the couples so far met our preference I was enjoying listening to the seasoned couples give us advice on how to approach the lifestyle. It was pretty apperent that we were not going to get any action that night. 

The next couple that showed up reaffirmed that prospect as they looked exactly like the swinger caricature we feared. He had slicked back grey hair, opened collared shirt showing his chest hair and a round belly. What’s worse his shirt was filled with porn images and naked women. If you look “tacky” in the dictionary you’d find him there. She was much more presentable except that she came into the party already drunk and slurring.  She ended up getting drunker and while attempting to sit on the countertop she fell into the sink and broke Jackie’s expensive designer faucet. After that her husband took her home. Following the tacky couple Jackie must of felt the sense of dread Scarlett had and she came to her and whispered “don’t worry, I have a couple coming that you’re going to love” then smiled and wink. A little later it was evident what she meant as a young, very attractive, interracial couple walked in. 

He was a good looking guy with a football body, though it had gotten a little soft. She was the classic blond bombshell, the type of woman that guys spent a lot of money to watch dance so that they can go fuck their wives after while thinking of her. Interestingly enough we later found out that she was in fact a stripper. She had a lean body, full breast, long straight blonde hair with highlights, a nose piercing, and some strategically placed tattoos. In short she was gorgeous. We naturally gravitated to each other and it was obvious to all that the four of us would end up with each other.

(to be continued)
In part 2 I’ll go into an embarrassing end to the night on my part, if you caught the foreshadowing you can pretty much guess what it is lol.

The actual outfit Scarlett had on, though these pics weren’t taking that night. 

Friday, February 19, 2010

Random pics of Scarlett

Scarlett is one sexy woman and I enjoy showing her off. I love the looks she gets when we're out and about. Not in the mood to write a long post today so enjoy some sexy pics of the Mrs 

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

IR Orgy

Last year we wanted to go to a swinger party for NYE but the cost for the parties were outrageous. I don’t know how it is in your area but here swinger events are ridiculously priced and I refuse to shell out that much cash for what is essentially just a party. Luckily we found a fairly priced event held the day before nye from this swinger site we belonged to. It was a club takeover event in downtown Chicago and many of the local people from the site were going ( We chatted with another young interracial couple online that we were interested in seeing. Coincidentally we both walked in at the same time and we introduced ourselves. They were in their late 20s, and we connected immediately.  He was in decent shape, shaved head, and talkative. She was an Amazon at 5’11, pretty and very outgoing. Russell & kimora (as I’ll call them) introduced us to yet another interracial couple (our favorite type) who I’ll call Heidi & Seal (notice the patterns in the names? Lol). Seal was a shorter but very built and attractive guy. Heidi, as I later learned, was in her late 30s with a son my age, though you’d never guess. 

As us three couples hung out we were joined by a single black male friend of theirs called Mr Big. Mr Big is a pretty boy with a very positive reputation in the lifestyle. Despite the fact that he is known for his massive bbc, a true 9inch (not the internet version of 9 inch), he is a very nice, humble, and professional guy. Scarlett took a liking to him and they would dance together for most of the night. For Scarlett the biggest thing is being comfortable and mr big did just that. As Scarlett and Mr Big danced I mingled with other people, took pictures, and just enjoyed myself. We met some other people that eventually led to other adventures down the line but I’ll go into that some other time. 

As the night winded down, the three interracial couples and mr big reconvened and it was decided we would go to Russell & Kimora’s house for an after party. Once there we drinked, socialized and shared stories. At one point Russell went into his room and brought back some sheets and placed it on the floor of the living room. Sometime later the three girls started things off ( as is usually the case) by dancing and kissing one another. That led to touching, then disrobing, and before I knew it they were on the floor playing with each other. Being a visual person I really enjoyed the scene as the three girls grinded, kiss, and licked one another. Then the guys joined in as the girls took turns sucking each other’s bf & mr big. I ended up having sex with Heidi and Scarlett hooked up with Mr Big.  I cant recall if she did Seal but I do know they had eachother in the 69 position. Kimora only had sex with Russell but did give all the guys a bj. All in all it was a great time, we enjoyed eachother’s company and it would not be the last time the group got together.

It’s kind of hard to differentiate who is who but Scarlett is the brunette with straight hair, Heidi is the blonde, Kimora has the dark hair in a pony tail. Mr big is the light skinned guy, Seal is the ruggedly built guy, Russell has a softer physique, and I was somewhere in the middle. 

(click to enlarge.we all played safe with others, and the pics with no condoms are the couples)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What We Like

(click image to enlarge)
Due to logistics Scarlett and I don’t swing too often. It’s not that we don’t want to it’s that real life often prevents it. The biggest obstacle is that she currently still lives in the east so for most of the time we are in a long distance relationship. We met during college and are recent grads, but due to the current economy working it out so that we are both have a career in the same city is taking longer than we would hope. There’s probably no worse time to be a recent grad than now with the market filled with unemployed people with decades more experience than us. Nonetheless we’re hoping to figure all the logistics by spring/summer to move in together. We try to take as many trips to visit one another as possible and spend most of that time together instead of playing with others. But we both do enjoy the lifestyle so we’ll attend an event or meet with a couple while visiting. And during those events and meetups it becomes very hard to find a couple of which we both enjoy. 

Scarlett is pretty picky but I don’t fault her for this because, and I mean no offense, a lot of the guys in the lifestyle are lacking. For one she enjoys somebody with a nice muscular build,  strong arms, back, and abs. It’s very rare to find a male half of a couple that meets that standard. If you go to a swinger event you’ll likely see a pretty female with a fit sexy body with a guy whose gut is hanging over his belt. My theory on this phenomenon is that these men are spoiled by getting pussy so often in the lifestyle that they don’t see any reason to go through the trouble of staying fit and dressing up nicely. In the non-swing world these guys would have to make that effort to attract females. Because of this I think females in the lifestyle get the short-hand of the stick because the guys don’t work on themselves as much as they do. So I have no issue with Scarlett declining couples because the male half usually doesn’t do it for her. The other issue for our lack of play is the age issue. There are very few couples our age in the lifestyle and most couples seem to be in their 40s. Now personally I have no issue with that and actually prefer to play with MILF when I play separately, but for Scarlett anyone reaching her parent’s age is a deal breaker.

Scarlett likes a young muscular black man with a sense of humor and confidence. She also looks for certain intangibles that make her comfortable with him. To date she’s only played fully with two other males, one single and one as part of a couple. She also is bi and looks for similar qualities in her females. In females she enjoys those with an exotic look, particularly ones from a mixed ethnic background. She’s had much more luck in hooking up with girls in the lifestyle because aforementioned they are more likely to meet her criteria.

My play preference is mature white females (though I certainly wouldn't kick a sexy young girl out of bed). I’m open to both curvy and slim women so as long they have a nicely shaped butt. I am an ass man. There’s a certain PTA housewife look that really gets me going. Because of this fetish and because we are often physically apart I sometimes play separately with married couples. After play I send Scarlett pics and details of the action which she enjoys. One of the more memorable occurrences was when I hooked up with a female in the lifestyle whose relationship was also long distance. We hooked up two webcams so that both he and Scarlett were able to watch the action online as we fucked. I will probably write a more detailed recount of that action, complete with pics,  at a different post.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Flashback: Love At First Site? part 2

So in part 1 I detailed how we met. Long story short she was vacationing in Chicago, we met at a club and had a 3some with my roommate and she left the next day. I’ll continue from there...

After dropping her off at her hotel I did not have any contact with Scarlett for a couple months. One day I get a random message from her on facebook saying hi. She would later tell me how nervous she was about contacting me because it was agreed that what transpired was a one night thing and she didn’t want to come off as a stalker. Fortunately for her my “real” name is pretty unique so finding me on Facebook wasn’t too hard, despite the fact that I didn’t have my picture as my profile pic. It was through messaging on Facebook, then text and phone that we got to know each other and connect.  In retrospect being a long distance apart probably worked best because it allowed us to focus more on emotional side of things rather than the physical. After such a sexually charged first encounter it could have easily become purely a physical relationship had we lived in the same city. The distanced apart allowed us the opportunity to connect deeper and I enjoyed what I discovered about her. 

First I was pleased by her intelligence, a big requirement of mine. She has a masters in business, speaks multiple languages, and is very aware of the world beyond her neighborhood. Second I liked her sexual openness and kinkiness. Third I like her adventurous side, her yearning to experience new things and ability to throw caution in the wind. It was that adventurous side of her that suggested she come back to Chicago to visit me shortly after we reconnected on Facebook. I agreed and she quickly bought a plane ticket and in no time I was at the airport waiting for her arrival. When I saw her she was wearing a skirt and nylons and looked very stunning. I was instantly turned on. She gave me a big embrace and kiss. I’m a little self-aware when it comes to PDA so I had pushed her off as she was really getting into the kiss. 

On the cab ride back to my place I couldn’t help but run my hand on her thighs and have a sneak-peek at what was under the skirt.  She had a thong on, black if I remember correctly, with a huge wet spot in the middle. I pulled the thong aside with my finger and grazed her drenched pussy. “Very Wet” I examined and she smile and nodded. Later she would tell me how horny and wet she was throughout the plane ride and how it took all she had to constrain herself. That was as far as our cab friskiness went but as soon as we were back at my place we had our hands all over each other. In my room I leaned her against the wall and as we kissed I ran my hands under her skirt and entered her with my fingers. Then I picked her and laid her on the bed as we proceeded to have the first of many rounds of passionate sex. That visit lasted two weeks, and though I wouldn’t have classified us as an official couple, by it’s end we had gotten pretty close. I’ll continue the progression of our relationship in a later post. 

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day: Romantic Story

Happy Valentine’s Day to all couples and singles alike.  Scarlett and I won’t be with each other because of a business trip so I thought I’d share a past romantic event between us. Well romantic on her part, I’m not nearly as creative when it comes to these sorts of things. As I mentioned in my first post there are no format to my postings. Essentially I will be writing whatever I’m in the mood for at the time. If I follow a straight chronological narrative I know I’ll get bored so to keep this from feeling like a chore my posts may be in random order. I’ll try my best to label them appropriately so that you can comprehend them easily. So my last post was of how we met. When in the mood I’ll continue that story but for now let’s fast forward about a year and half to my birthday.

It was my birthday and as anyone who knows me knows, I’m not big on gifts. I tend to feel guilty if I get something expensive because I don’t want to be a burden. So for me something simple and practical, like say a new shaver, is the best kind of gift. Scarlett knows this and suggested we go to dinner at a nice restaurant downtown. We enjoyed a nice meal and upon her suggestion we went for a walk on Chicago’s famous Magnificent Mile afterward. I thought we were just taking a random stroll but unbeknownst to me each turn she made was deliberately to take us to a destination. We ended up at a hotel when she stops, smiles, and tells me to close my eyes. She then puts a blindfold on me and grabs my hand as she leads me inside. I was pleasantly surprised and also aware of how strange this sight must be to any onlookers. We made it into a room that she had already reserved beforehand and she made stand there blindfolded as she makes sure everything she arranged was as is.

She took off my blindfold and I was amazed at what I saw. She had disrobed into a sexy French maid outfit that she apparently had on under her dinner clothes the entire time. In addition the room was filled with an assortment of fruits, chocolates, whip cream etc. She even had a laptop on the bed to play my favorite porn. She told me how this was my day and to lie on the bed and relax as she pleases me. I was both turned on and touched by her going through all this trouble. I did sneak in a question on how much this cost her but she rightfully shush me and led me to the bed to give me the best birthday present a man can have.

And btw to top it all off at the end she did give me a new electric shaver. 

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Flashback: Love At First Site? part 1

In jr year in college I was living in a condo with a basketball player that I’ll call MJ. MJ was a big black guy, 6’4 220+lbs, and played professional basketball overseas. Needless to say MJ did not have any trouble attracting women and made it his mission to sleep with as many women as possible. We met while working out at the gym and he took a liking to me as a little brother he never had and would take me out with him to clubs and events. MJ was in his early 30s and he relished having me around and showing me the ropes so to speak. I was a player in training. MJ and I would come to have some pretty wild adventures, some of which I will relive on this blog later.

Anyway one night we were going out, something we did very often, to a very popular club in Chicago. MJ was a popular guy and his pro ball status, albeit in the international league, brought him free access to exclusive venues. That was great for me because I got to experience many things that a normal broke college student as myself couldn't. I was pretty drunk that night, which was nothing out of the ordinary for our night outings. I’d like to say that I saw her and time slowed down and all that romantic stuff but to be honest I don’t even quite remember how I introduced myself. According to her I just went up to her and said hi and we struck a conversation. What I do remember is that we were both ready to leave but MJ, who was driving, did not want to leave yet since he hadn’t met someone yet. So we ended up in MJ’s car as he was still in the club.
We began to kiss and grope as we slowly disrobed. I removed her panties and remember thinking “that is a pretty pussy” as I went down on her. She returned the favor and sucked me off as I sat in the back seat. I tried to take things further but I did not have any condoms and she was adamant about the “no glove no love” policy. So we kept to heavy petting, kissing, oral, and fingering as the windows fogged.

Some time passed and I heard footsteps and chatter approaching the car. Then a door was opened by female who upon seeing us quickly slammed the door shut. Apparently MJ did manage to meet someone and brought her and her friends back to the car. Scarlett and I quickly pull our clothes up as we heard them giggling outside. “Is it safe to open?” one girl asked and they all got in and we head back to the condo. If I remember correctly, counting scarlett, mj, and I our group was made of six people (3 girls 3 guys). Once back to the condo, we proceeded to party and drink some more. At some point I pulled Scarlett into MJ’s room to continue were we left off. I did not have a room since I slept on the couch, and would use MJ’s room for these sorts of things. I had Scarlett on the floor since I didn’t want to use MJ’s bed knowing that he’ll probably want to make use of it later.  Not too long after we started there was knocking on the door and MJ wanted to us his room with one of the girls. I reassured him we would be done soon and continued to fuck her on the floor. Eventually MJ grew impatient and opened the door to hurry us. Both Scarlett and I were naked and as he stepped in and I closed the door behind him and motioned him to come join us. He obliged and I’m not too sure how it transpired but Scarlett was on her knees and began undoing his belt buckle to suck him.  As she gives him a blowjob I fingered her from behind. Now the other patrons began knocking at the door, turned off by having been abandoned by their hosts. MJ went back and ushered them out of the condo as quickly as he could. Scarlett was by far the sexiest of the girls there so she became priority.

When he came back to the room together we tag teamed Scarlett and fucked her in various position for what I assume had to be at least 2 hours. One of us would fuck her doggystyle while she sucks the other, One of us would fuck her missionary as she licks the other balls, She would ride one while jerking the other, and so on. We fucked her in all her holes, ass , pussy, mouth, while she moans till we both came. Tired, we collapsed on the bed and the three of us slept.

The next day I was awaken by soft rumbling and movement on the bed. It took awhile after opening my eyes to recollect what had just transpired from the drunken night before. I look to my side to find Scarlett and MJ stroking each other under the sheets. I joined in and we all went for round 2.

Once that was over I accompanied MJ as we drove her back to her hotel. We chatted some with her and found out that she was just here in Chicago for her winter break from college (she went to school out east) and was leaving the next day. I asked her for her number to keep in touch but she pointed out that it’s useless since we’ll never see each other again.  With that, and with a kiss from both Mj and I she exited the car and walked backed into the hotel. MJ drove us back home, thanked me for pulling him in the room, and we plopped on the couch to watch sportscenter.

That ladies and gentlemen, is how we met. Not quite the traditional first date as you can see. You can also see how despite our youth, how we managed to get into the lifestyle so quickly. Once you have a first meeting like that I’m not sure there’s any other way to go.

In later blogs I’ll go into how we reconnected… 


Hello world. I wish I could write some grand introduction but this is it. This is simply a blog documenting our sexual adventures and its evolution. I enjoy reading interracial hotwife blogs and figure might as well start our own. It’s not that I think we have anything particularly unique to share but I do notice that most blogs of these sorts are from an older generation (not that there’s anything wrong with that, in fact it’s a preference of mine, but more of that later) and that it would be kind of interesting from a young couple perspective. We’ll call ourselves Tyson & Scarlett. Tyson because her favorite celebrity fantasy is Tyson Beckford. Scarlett because mine is Scarlett Johanson.

(they would make a hot couple)

We’re both in our mid 20s, educated, and attractive. Think of us as a poor man’s version of Reggie Bush & Kim Kardashian. I, Tyson, am muscular, laid back, confident, and I’d like to think with a decent sense of humor.

She is sexy, fit, has a nice butt, very intelligent, and a world traveler.

In this blog I will be doing most of the writing, though from time to time I’m sure Scarlett will chip in her point of view. I do not have any particular format that I will follow. I’ll write about the past, present, and future sexual adventures, as well as any other topic I’m interested in at that moment. You’ll learn about how we got started (crazy story that you’ll have to stay tuned for) and where we’re going.

So that’s it readers ( I like how I say readers as if I have any J ). That’s us. We’re a real couple that’s young and adventures. I hope you’ll enjoy us retelling some of our adventures.