Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hotel Fun

I hadn't written anything in awhile. I guess after losing my pics and stories from when my laptop got stolen I just wasn't that in the mood to retype and edit everything. But I'll try to post a little more now.

This particular event was with Seal & Heidi from the IR Orgy story. They were in town and staying at a hotel downtown and invited us over. If you recall Heidi is a relatively older sexy wf, and Seal is a muscularly build black male. The four of us have great chemistry in that we get along and really enjoy each other's company.

There wasn't anything particularly kinky or out of the norm during this session so I won't type the details. We swapped partners and the girls played with each other and ended the session by going back to our own partners.  Afterward we talked and went out to eat. Overall it was a very good time.

(click to enlarge)