Saturday, February 14, 2015

American Sniper

My interactions with Chris and Ava started when she sent me a quip about being disappointed that she's too young for my preference.  I retort back that if she read the fine print in my profile she'd notice that I make exceptions for pretty women with her measurements.  

Ava is beautiful, there's not that much more description needed.  She's of Asian decent but doesn't fit the stereotype of the petite boyish figure.  Her small frame houses a round tight butt and uber sexy 32DD breasts. They fit her so well that it's quite a wonder that they're natural.

We messaged back and forth through ll for a few weeks. We soon discovered that we have a mutual affinity for discreet public play. We even had the same voyeur porn clips in common as our favorites. Naughty minds think alike.  It was soon agreed on that the three of us should get together to bring this exhibitionist fantasy to life. Upon Chris' suggestion we settled on a matinee at a nearby theater.  

I met up  with Ava and Chris at the theater bar around 2. Ava was wearing a puffy knee length coat. It was enticing knowing that under she had on her easy access naughty clothing.  Despite being our first time meeting there was instant chemistry in regards to personalities. Chris and I both have outgoing personalities and like to induce laughter. Ava is more measured, her humour patiently waiting to zing us with a witty remark. There was ample of laughs and smiles shared amongst us.

After this brief intro we made our way to the movie. The showing was empty except a family in the middle row. We of course chose the last row.

Ava sat in the middle, with her boy toys at each side. She took off her jacket to reveal a black top and a provocative checkered black and white miniskirt. It stopped just below her behind and showed off a sexy pair of smooth legs. Chris and I each were running our hands on a leg as we talk and wait for the lights to dim. Unfortunately, in walked three heavy set men who sat at the last row relatively close to us . I teased Ava that we should have them join in the fun, she politely declined.

Not to be deterred we gathered our items and made our way to the far corner. Soon the lights dimmed and the movie American Sniper. I know, not the most erotic of movies to have in the background for our trist, but it was the only showing at that time slot. Besides we had no intention paying it much attention.  

Chris removed Ava' s panties and she sat straddling us with one leg over our respective thighs. We wasted no time fondling her.Our four hands on a discovery path that roamed her thighs, hips, breast, hair and every nook in between. Chris tilted Ava’s head and kissed her passionately and I took her hand and placed them between my legs. The three of us interlocked in this harmonic sexual embrace with her legs on our thighs, her hands rubbing our crotch over our pants, and her lips and neck being kissed by the both of us. Ava started to squirm and moan from the attention. I sneaked glances at our three burly neighbors to see if they were looking but they were fully engrossed at the screen. Perhaps we’d chosen the right movie after all.

Ava unzipped my pants and pulled out my now throbbing cock. It’s quite a moment when one of your long standing fantasy is coming to reality and my penis responded with rock hard glee . She started stroking us while our hands took turns massaging her sex. Since our neighbors seemed so oblivious to our shenanigans we grew bolder. I used my jacket as a barricade as we took some pics and vid to capture the moment.  

Ava leaned over and put me in her mouth. She lavished me with her lips and tongue and I could see my member glistening in the movie light. She leaned over to Chris and treated him to the same adulation. Her behind tilted towards me and I could see that she was WET, a stringy stream of her nectar was dripping from her. I licked my finger and inserted it in her, she was TIGHT. Ava’s curvaceous physique may defy convention but her incredibly tight region fit the Asian female mold. I pushed against her g-spot while her moans were being stifled by her mouth on Chris

Chris suggested that I penetrated her. I hadn’t actually considered it, I was thoroughly enjoying pushing the boundaries as it was, this would be taking it to a new level. I looked over at the people on our row, they still paid us no mind. And so I lifted Ava by her hips and lowered her on me. Despite her tightness I was able to enter her with relative ease due to her ample self lubrication. She bounced up and down on me, leaving streaks of her on my shaft. I was beyond aroused publicly fucking this hotwife in a theater while strangers sat just a few yards from us. It wasn’t soon after that I started feeling the building orgasmic sensations so I lifted her off me.

She resumed sucking and kissing chris. If we were going to push the boundaries we might as well break them. I got off my seat, knelled in front of her opened legs  and placed my mouth in between. Ava has a protruding clit that I savored sucking. I placed a finger against her g-spot as i sucked her intensely. Her moans became more audible and Chris Placed his hands against her mouth. That only marginally helped as she was now panting heavily and would yelp occasionally. So I reluctantly stopped and returned to my seat and we composed ourselves.

For the next hour this would be a familiar pattern. We’d engage in sex, we’d push the limit, and when the sounds of pleasure became too much we’d reset. Often times I’d have to look away from Ava.  Whenever I’d look down and see me in her mouth or pussy it would send me close to the edge. To have had this fantasy since a teenager and have it playing out live in front of me, it was hard containing myself.

Eventually I succumbed to a climatic conclusion as Ava stroked me vigorously, bringing an end our two hours of exhibition. Not having a bath towel I used my scarf to wipe our juices off me. We said our goodbyes and  I dressed myself, wearing the scarf soaked with Ava ' s wetness and my semen. Walking out the theater I passed our row neighbors,  who were still attentive to the movie.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Knock Knock

As my previous post indicated I enjoy the sexual build up and seduction of the lifestyle.  Sometimes however,  a spontaneous meet can be just as thrilling. This wild play night started with a simple swipe right in the infamous Tinder app.

Last December I was  on the train making my way to work.  To pass time I was idly scrolling through tinder,  swipe left here, swipe right there.  I wasn't actively looking for anything, it was more of a way to occupy myself.  As luck would have it, I was a mutual match with this pretty European we'll call Amra. Amra  is quite a conundrum.  Her delicate eastern facial features are countered by a brickhouse of a body, with thighs, hips and butt that would make most hip hop video models jealous. She has a preference for black men,  and with her body she is built to attract them.  Being a butt man myself I  was ecstatic at the possibility of meeting.

I sent her a message with a joke and she responded quickly.  It was fortunate that I did because as it turns out she was visiting from another country,  and that night was her last before she leaves in the morning.  Amra is an adventurer, her hobby is traveling and immersing herself in different cultures. I invited her to meet me after work with the promise that I would take her to some interesting local venues.  She jumped at the chance.
I had her meet me at a speakeasy type venue that was dark and sensuous with an eclectic mix of live performers.  An ideal place for someone of Amra's adventurous mindset. She was wearing tight jeans and a sweatshirt. To be honest I was disappointed by that, I was hoping she had on one of those very sexy dresses from her pics that hugs her curves. I’d tease her about that later. She explained that she’s not a girly girl at all, and that those pics were  from anomalies like weddings. She’s more tom-boyish, is into sports, prefers to hang out with men than women. In short she’s one of the guys type of girl.

That is precisely how our conversation flowed, like talking to one of the guys. We were very comfortable to one another as we discussed each other’s lives and passions and our mutual affinity for traveling. Eventually the conversation veered into sex and I learned that she was aware of the lifestyle. She isn't an active participant but she’s certainly familiar with it. Interestingly enough she’s not the first Tinder date I met that is associated in the lifestyle. More on that on a future post.

During our topic on sex she talked about how displeased she was with the quality of sex she is having in her hometown. She didn't find the guys skillful or aggressive enough for her liking. She wanted someone that is an alpha in the bedroom, that could manhandle her and posses what she likes to call “ the good dick.” I’m certain her telling me this was a no accident and I took them as not so subtle guidelines.

I was really having a good time hanging out with her and so when the place was closing we decided to continue our night out at an after hour dive bar. As the drinks flowed and the night passes we got more physical with each other. We’d talk, kiss, repeat. Each time we made out I’d tug at her hair or pull her close with force, and she’d let a slight moan each time. If it’s a man’s man Amra wanted, that’s what she was going to get.

At some point I whispered my intentions to her and she smiled and agreed. On the cab back to the hotel we kissed even more. I took her hand and placed it on my crotch and she rubbed my hard-on over my pants. In the elevator I guide her against the wall grabbed her butt and kissed her. The atmosphere turned electric. We joked about the show whoever was watching the security cams were enjoying.

In her room we wasted no time commencing our trist. We started against the wall, kissing passionately while my hands tug at her hair. Pulling her hair so that her head would tilt, exposing her neck for me to kiss. The foreplay was raw and intense. Knowing her desire for roughness I physically led her to different positions. I held her hands in the air with mine while we kissed, turned her around, braced her against the wall and undressed her.

Once naked we made our way to the bed. Laying on top of her I slowly made the journey towards her nether regions, making sure to lavish her body with kisses along the way. I’d teasingly kissed her inner thigh, would come close to making contact with her clit and detour to another part of her body. Once satisfied that her inners were sufficiently tormented I formed my mouth into an ‘O’ and  began sucking her clit. It’s always a pleasure listening to a woman’s sounds of bliss and her sporadic “dam” were a turned on. It was also erotic watching her fingers curl and clutched the sheets.

After she experienced her release she flipped over and put me in her mouth. As she did so I fondled her bountiful behind. With glee I watched her suck me while she playfully moved her butt muscles one cheek at a time, making her behind bounce. Amra had skills. After the blowjob I got on top of her and entered her. She had indicated to me that her favorite was doggy. Being always willing to please I was more than happy to oblige, thus the majority of our session was in that position.

We spent a considerable amount of time fucking passionately. Not the sensuous type of passion but the raw, edgy, forceful passion that a one night stand entails. I slapped her butt often while thrusting into her with vigor. I pulled on her hair with one hand while pulling on her hips with the other. I’d squat low, push her head on the bed and drill down to her center. It was crude and rugged, without frills, just coarse pleasure. Her hair became a tangled mess, he rear was red with hand prints. The sound of slapping, moaning and dirty talking were the soundtrack to our scene. And though that was very gratifying to us apparently it wasn’t as enjoyable to our neighbor, who after a while  banged on the wall.

About an hour into our session the room adjacent to us banged on the wall, which is the international signal for cut it out. I can’t blame them, it was approaching 5 am by that time and our  sex was anything but timid. I collapsed on top of her and we snickered to ourselves. We resumed a quieter version of intimacy. It was good sex, for both of us. We’ve text since and discuss how torrid it was. We took some videos and pics which she would tell me later she masturbates to, it was really hot.

Amra liked to be pounded from behind. But she didn’t simply remain still while this occurred, she was an active participant. She twerked her hips to match my thrust, pushing her butt back and forth into me. Yes she was getting fucked hard, but she was fucking me hard also. When I announced I was close she moaned and quickened the pace. Watching her like this, butt gyrating, my cock disappearing between her cheeks, I concluded with an explosion. It’s very rare that I climax with a condom, but Amra was able to drain me into her.

We finished just in time for her to quickly shower and rush to the airport for her flight, thus concluding this remarkable night. What started out as just another day on way to work, turned into a stimulating night of party and sex. Spontaneity is the spice of life

Monday, February 9, 2015

The Ideal Encounter

I enjoy the art of seduction. Yes wam bam thank you mam can be fun. But I find the most pleasure when anticipation, seduction, and sexual tension are involved. Those ingredients were well present in the meeting with this lovely east coast couple.

Last year I interacted online with a couple we’ll name “Sam” and “Sarah.” Sarah and I exchanged numbers and we would send each other naughty text. We soon made plans to meet. SS however lived several states away and though I was willing to travel we could never seem to coordinate our schedule. It was particularly difficult because SS just had their first child and understandably play time was just not as much of a priority. Thus although we kept in touch our interactions soon dwindled to none.

Fast forward a few months and I had not heard from Sarah in some time. To my surprise one day she sent me a message informing me that her and her husband will be traveling to the same location that I was. I had indicated my traveling plans on my online profile and by coincidence her husband was traveling there for work. It seemed alas that the elusive fantasy of meeting would soon come to fruition. There was only one problem, she had contacted me so close to the trip that I had already booked myself with plans.

I’d already purchase tickets to some events and really didn’t have the time for an impromptu meeting. I informed her of the dilemma and assured her I would do my best to make some time, but that just in case we are unable to meet I could travel to them later. Now that their infant is a little older they are able to indulge in some fun again. We agreed to at least attempt to have a quick drink during the day.

And that’s how it came to be that around noon on a Saturday I find myself at a hotel bar waiting for Sam and Sarah to arrive. I ordered myself a drink and enjoy one of  my favorite moments in this lifestyle. Despite this lifestyle being obviously about sex, it’s not the main appeal to me. I actually enjoy the entire process, the initial contact, the flirting, the build up. Waiting at the bar waiting for the arrival of a date is such a joyous moment in time, filled with anticipation, curiosity, and butterflies. It’s a feeling that’s frankly addictive to me.
Soon after I noticed Sarah and Sam. You’re never quite sure how people will be in real life and if they live up to the image of their digital self. Sarah certainly did, she looked even better than her pictures, which is high praise considering that her pics are magnificent. She was dressed down with jeans and a top, it was midday after all, yet she was still very pretty. I can only imagine how striking she is when she dolls herself for a night on the town. Sam was taller than I expected. We embraced, sat down and commenced the getting to know you part.

Both Sam and Sarah were pleasant and genuine. The conversation flowed effortlessly between lifestyle and personal inquiries. When meeting a couple for the first time I like to err on the side of caution so as not to come off too pushy. I didn't make any overt moves on her besides occasionally touching her knees as we spoke. She did the same and as the conversation and drinks flowed I was astutely aware that her hands were now resting on my thighs. Her own legs were crossed so that her ankle was towards me. I grabbed it and ran my hands up and down her calf while the three of us continued speaking.

I then excuse myself to the bathroom, which is a tactic I always use. For one I did need to go, you don’t buy drinks you rent them. But the real purpose is to provide the couple with privacy to discuss their intentions with each other. Upon returning Sam soon excused himself and disappeared. Sarah explained that he was getting the room ready and asked if I would be interested in joining them.

I knew I was short on time but the opportunity of playing with this gorgeous woman who I had been communicating with for a year was too tempting to pass. I paid our bill and hand in hand we made our way. I always wonder what the bartenders think in those scenarios, she came in Sam’s hand hand and was now leaving in mine's :).

At the hotel suite we began kissing passionately. Oh how I enjoyed kissing her, she was good at it. I could taste the remnants of the mimosas she had earlier as our tongues wrestled. Naturally hands started to roam, and being an ass man mine rested on her backside as I held her close to me. Next we took turns removing each others shirts. She rested her hands on my pecs as we continued the make out session. I then kissed her ears, neck, breast and slowly made my way down to  her navel. As I kneeled in front of her I unzipped her pants and removed them. After some kissing of her hips and thighs I nudge her  around and bent her over the couch.

She straddled the couch while I knelt behind her. It was a pleasant view having this pretty lady in such a tantalizing position.  I observed her with approval. Her body was petite yet feminine with soft curves. She had colorful tattoos on her lower back and hips that made for a delightful contrast to her fair skin. Her long Jet black hair rested on her shoulders and her perky nipples were pierced with jewelry.  The mental image of Sarah in that position is one that I've revisited many times since.

I kissed her lower back, butt cheeks and thighs. I enjoy kissing a woman all over, not just her mouth and clit. I would have preferred to have spent much longer exploring her body with my tongue had I had the time.  

Still kneeling behind her I grabbed two handfuls of perky butt and spread her apart.  I could see that she was wet and I wasted no time licking, kissing, and sucking her. It turned me on hearing her purr in extacy. I turned her around so that she was laying on her back.  After giving her a kiss on the mouth I resumed my previous task of sucking her clit and lapping the tumbling juices.

I stood up, she wasted no time putting me in her mouth while I stroke her clit and lick her juices off my fingers.  At this point Sam cam in the room. Seeing her he smiled  and made a quip about how she tastes.  I nodded in approval.

We layed on the couch and continued our foreplay as Sam watches. A few minutes later I became aware that I had lost my erection. Had this been earlier in the lifestyle I probably would have panicked.  But having been in this scene for so long I'm well aware that the penis has a mind of its own. We continued kissing and foreplay and soon enough I was back in business.   
I laid on top of her, wrapped her legs around me and inserted myself into her waiting wet opening.

There are times when moments become surreal, this was one of them. Due to allergic sensitivities I could not use the sensitive latex condoms I am used to and had to use one Sam provided. Due to this fact the actual penile sensation was diminished, but that didn't make the encounter less fun.  To be on top of this pretty woman, in this grand suite with a beautiful view of the city as our backdrop, that’s a pleasure.  What a thrill to look down at her facial features as she moans, gasp, bites her lips, squints her eyes and clenches the sheets. And what a thrill it was to see Sam on the side, clearly enjoying his wife being enjoyed, this is what the lifestyle is all about.

At the end of the day sex is sex, and if that’s the only goal there are numerous ways a single,successful and, I’d like to believe, handsome man can get it. Why I still dabble in the lifestyle is precisely the type of interaction I had with these two. It’s a euphoria that’s unmatched when several people have a chemistry that transcends norms and taboos and connects sexually. And it’s quite a high for me to be the provider of pleasure and make fantasy a reality to a loving couple. And it’s humbling to find myself intertwined in their bonding experience, knowing that in a very minute way I played a small part in providing joy in their relationship. Perhaps you may feel I am romanticizing what is essentially a carnal act, but I’d like to think it’s deeper than that. And it’s those deep lifestyle connections are what I enjoy.

And how this my session end with Sarah? She sucked me off and I blew a load on her face while her husband records. A sensual encounter doesn't mean it can’t be raw and crass :).