Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sushi Couple pt 1

So It's obvious it's been a looooong time since I last posted and actually took down the site for awhile. Why? simple I was bored with it and as I've always mention I do this for fun. When it stops being so I pause, when I miss it, like now, I come back. Fair enough? Alright let's get back into retelling some juicy stories. This is a solo meeting that occurred about  a month ago.

I've known "Michael and Anna" from previous lifestyle events but schedule differences had prevented us from ever meeting privately. Both Michael and Anna work in law enforcement so there's not much I can tell you about them. I will say that Anna has the sort of curve and thickness that I enjoy. She's also very cute with an adorable smile, and rather short, which accentuates that cute appeal.

We agreed to meet at a local BYOB sushi restaurant. This was actually my first time trying real sushi aside from the typical grocery store tuna roll. The food was great, the conversation flowed naturally, and the hot saki and wine that we brought got us all in a pleasant mood. Once dinner was over Anna asked if I would like to come back with them, which I happily obliged. Fortunately they lived a five min walk away from the restaurant, which I'm sure played into their meeting location suggestion. And as you read they're no stranger to this lifestyle and seem to have their routine down pack.

Back at their place Anna sat close to me while running her hands on my thighs as the three of us talk about mundane things. When meeting a couple solo I prefer to let the wife take things at her own speed so I generally let her make the first move.  Anna did that first move when she got up and asked if I would like to check out their outdoor jacuzzi, which of course I did. Mike got us some robes and we removed our clothes and put them on. By then I was already erect from Anna's thigh rubs and she smiled at the protruding shaft in my robe. We walked to their backyard and into the jacuzzi that was enclosed with drapes for privacy from the neighbors.

Once in the tub Mike remarked that Anna's favorite foreplay is a shoulder rub so I pulled her close to me and  rubbed her shoulders while Mike massages her feet. She purred like a pampered kitten while teasingly stroking my dick. And so we were in the hot tub, with Anna on my lap and my hands all over her while she plays with me as her husband massage her feet, when suddenly we were interrupted by a neighbor...

to be continued...