Saturday, February 14, 2015

American Sniper

My interactions with Chris and Ava started when she sent me a quip about being disappointed that she's too young for my preference.  I retort back that if she read the fine print in my profile she'd notice that I make exceptions for pretty women with her measurements.  

Ava is beautiful, there's not that much more description needed.  She's of Asian decent but doesn't fit the stereotype of the petite boyish figure.  Her small frame houses a round tight butt and uber sexy 32DD breasts. They fit her so well that it's quite a wonder that they're natural.

We messaged back and forth through ll for a few weeks. We soon discovered that we have a mutual affinity for discreet public play. We even had the same voyeur porn clips in common as our favorites. Naughty minds think alike.  It was soon agreed on that the three of us should get together to bring this exhibitionist fantasy to life. Upon Chris' suggestion we settled on a matinee at a nearby theater.  

I met up  with Ava and Chris at the theater bar around 2. Ava was wearing a puffy knee length coat. It was enticing knowing that under she had on her easy access naughty clothing.  Despite being our first time meeting there was instant chemistry in regards to personalities. Chris and I both have outgoing personalities and like to induce laughter. Ava is more measured, her humour patiently waiting to zing us with a witty remark. There was ample of laughs and smiles shared amongst us.

After this brief intro we made our way to the movie. The showing was empty except a family in the middle row. We of course chose the last row.

Ava sat in the middle, with her boy toys at each side. She took off her jacket to reveal a black top and a provocative checkered black and white miniskirt. It stopped just below her behind and showed off a sexy pair of smooth legs. Chris and I each were running our hands on a leg as we talk and wait for the lights to dim. Unfortunately, in walked three heavy set men who sat at the last row relatively close to us . I teased Ava that we should have them join in the fun, she politely declined.

Not to be deterred we gathered our items and made our way to the far corner. Soon the lights dimmed and the movie American Sniper. I know, not the most erotic of movies to have in the background for our trist, but it was the only showing at that time slot. Besides we had no intention paying it much attention.  

Chris removed Ava' s panties and she sat straddling us with one leg over our respective thighs. We wasted no time fondling her.Our four hands on a discovery path that roamed her thighs, hips, breast, hair and every nook in between. Chris tilted Ava’s head and kissed her passionately and I took her hand and placed them between my legs. The three of us interlocked in this harmonic sexual embrace with her legs on our thighs, her hands rubbing our crotch over our pants, and her lips and neck being kissed by the both of us. Ava started to squirm and moan from the attention. I sneaked glances at our three burly neighbors to see if they were looking but they were fully engrossed at the screen. Perhaps we’d chosen the right movie after all.

Ava unzipped my pants and pulled out my now throbbing cock. It’s quite a moment when one of your long standing fantasy is coming to reality and my penis responded with rock hard glee . She started stroking us while our hands took turns massaging her sex. Since our neighbors seemed so oblivious to our shenanigans we grew bolder. I used my jacket as a barricade as we took some pics and vid to capture the moment.  

Ava leaned over and put me in her mouth. She lavished me with her lips and tongue and I could see my member glistening in the movie light. She leaned over to Chris and treated him to the same adulation. Her behind tilted towards me and I could see that she was WET, a stringy stream of her nectar was dripping from her. I licked my finger and inserted it in her, she was TIGHT. Ava’s curvaceous physique may defy convention but her incredibly tight region fit the Asian female mold. I pushed against her g-spot while her moans were being stifled by her mouth on Chris

Chris suggested that I penetrated her. I hadn’t actually considered it, I was thoroughly enjoying pushing the boundaries as it was, this would be taking it to a new level. I looked over at the people on our row, they still paid us no mind. And so I lifted Ava by her hips and lowered her on me. Despite her tightness I was able to enter her with relative ease due to her ample self lubrication. She bounced up and down on me, leaving streaks of her on my shaft. I was beyond aroused publicly fucking this hotwife in a theater while strangers sat just a few yards from us. It wasn’t soon after that I started feeling the building orgasmic sensations so I lifted her off me.

She resumed sucking and kissing chris. If we were going to push the boundaries we might as well break them. I got off my seat, knelled in front of her opened legs  and placed my mouth in between. Ava has a protruding clit that I savored sucking. I placed a finger against her g-spot as i sucked her intensely. Her moans became more audible and Chris Placed his hands against her mouth. That only marginally helped as she was now panting heavily and would yelp occasionally. So I reluctantly stopped and returned to my seat and we composed ourselves.

For the next hour this would be a familiar pattern. We’d engage in sex, we’d push the limit, and when the sounds of pleasure became too much we’d reset. Often times I’d have to look away from Ava.  Whenever I’d look down and see me in her mouth or pussy it would send me close to the edge. To have had this fantasy since a teenager and have it playing out live in front of me, it was hard containing myself.

Eventually I succumbed to a climatic conclusion as Ava stroked me vigorously, bringing an end our two hours of exhibition. Not having a bath towel I used my scarf to wipe our juices off me. We said our goodbyes and  I dressed myself, wearing the scarf soaked with Ava ' s wetness and my semen. Walking out the theater I passed our row neighbors,  who were still attentive to the movie.

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